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Center Hill Berry Patch

8142 CR 702

Center Hill Fl 33514

We will not be open for a blueberry u-pick this season.

We are in the process of replanting and refreshing the blueberry patch.

Stay Tuned for updates as next year approaches.

We value you the customer and appreciate your business and loyalty.

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When you drive into the Center Hill Berry Patch you step into a world of Mother Nature and country air.

Once you are in the berry patch you need to switch gears and think about all the yummy, tasty things you will be doing with the fresh, sweet, juicy berries.

Baking cobblers, making jellies and jams, topping ice cream, fruit salads, blueberry pancakes! Yum! Whatever you can create!

We have four different varieties of blueberries: Jewel, Emerald, Windsor and Star.

The animals on the farm

are an extra special treat!

Along the drive to the berry patch, wave hello to our llamas, emus, ostriches, cows, horses, donkeys and sheep.

We are The Center Hill Berry Patch. Don't confuse us with the other nearby farms.

We are the Berry Best.

Come and see!

Check back later for new updates. Much more to come!

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